What is “fenuside”?

So people who hope that fenugreek will increase testosterone or have other steroid- like effects due to its diosgenin content are going to be disappointed.

effect fenugreek

Fenugreek also contains protodioscin, which is presumed to convert to. or stimulate production of, DHEA in the body.

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Protodioscin is also the active principle in Tribulus terrestris, which is reviewed later in this chapter. As discussed in the review, Tribulus supplementation has no significant effects on either testosterone levels, lean body mass or strength, so it’s unlikely that fenugreek would significantly increase T levels due to its protodioscin

The fenugreek diet significantly reduced fasting blood sugar and improved the glu- cose tolerance test. There was a 54 per cent reduction in 24-h urinary glucose excretion. Serum total cho best how diabetes affects male potency— lesterol, LDL and VLDL cholesterol and triglycerides

Trigonella foenum-graecum

were also signifi- cantly reduced.”

content either.

That hasn’t stopped some supplement companies from trying, however. One company, Gencor Pacific, markets a fenugreek extract called “Tes- tofenTM” that appears in certain bodybuilding supplements. TestofenTM is standardized to “50% fenuside” and is claimed to increase testosterone, as well as libido. Gencor Pacific presents selected data from 2 “in house” ro- dent studies to back up their claims.

What is “fenuside”? According to the company: “Fenuside is one such sapo- nin glycoside identified by us.” Unfortunately, this means that its identity is proprietary information — there is no such compound in the scientific litera- ture.

How does it work? According to the Gencor Pacific’s own report:

1. Testofen TM seems to have mode of action through the Adrenal Cortex.

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It seems to stimulate the secretion of Corticotropin Releasing Hormone [CRH] from the Hypothalamus in the brain.

2. The CRH reaches the Anterior Pituitary Gland and best apitherapy for prostatitis stings stimulates it to produce Adrenocorticotropic Hormone [ACTH].

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ACTH then acts on the cells of the Adrenal Cortex stimulating them to produce Androgens. Androgens are precursors to Testosterone with Testosterone like activity, the common one being Androstenedione.

It just so happens that the “Androgens” produced from the adrenal cortex are none other than DHEA and — to a lesser extent — androstenediol. It has been well-established that this pathway does not contribute significantly to testosterone in men, although it can in women.

This raises winstrol injectable for sale body-muscles.com the suspicion that maybe “fenuside” is simply protodioscin by another name, although there’s no real way to know, short of a laboratory analysis. And while the limited data Gencor-Pacific has available shows an increase in T levels with TestofenTMadministration, testosterone increases in mice are also seen with DHEA administration.

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The company has not submitted its studies to any peer-reviewed journal, so until an indepen- dent test in humans is performed, I remain skeptical of the claims for this extract.

What does the real world have to say?

Fenugreek and/or TestofenTMare rarely taken “straight”, so there’s been no relevant feedback on whether or not either have any effect on lean mass or performance. It’s safe to say, however, that feedback on the supplements that they’re used in has been mixed, at best.


Fenugreek may have benefits to health, and may even be useful to ath- letes by enhancing post-workout glycogen resynthesis. But for improving strength or building muscle, it gets a thumbs down from me.

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effect fenugreek

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